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Shaggy mit "It wasnt me"
Songtext:Yo, man
Open up, man
(Yeah, what do you want, man?)
My girl just caught me
(You let her catch you?)
I don't know how I let this happen
(With who?)
The girl next door, ya know?
Man, I don't know what to do
(Say it wasn't you)
Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door
Picture this we were both butt naked
Banging on the bathroom floor
How could I forget that I had
Given her an extra key
All this time she was standing there
She never took her eyes off me
How you can grant your woman access to your villa
Trespasser and a witness while you cling to your pillow
You better watch your back before she turn into a killer
Let's review the situation that you're caught up inna
To be a true player you have to know how to play
If she…

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